Studio Cascina

Subtly set in a chestnut grove, Studio Cascina Garbald was opened by Fondazione Garbald in May 2019 as a hideaway for extended work stays of individuals. It complements Villa Garbald Seminar Centre, which offers groups of eight people or more a special and unique place for thought and research.

Studio Cascina Garbald is located in the immediate vicinity of the Villa Garbald Seminar Centre in Castasegna and serves the same purpose: It offers academics and cultural workers a creative space for retreats, work stays or sabbaticals, usually lasting from two up to four weeks. Studio Cascina Garbald, detached and self-catering, is a place for focus and immersion that welcomes the encounter and exchange with the local community.

Studio Cascina by Ruinelli Associati Architetti has received various awards since its opening:

  • in 2020, the «best architects award», one of the most prestigious awards in Europe for architects who set new standards through outstanding architectural achievement and make a significant contribution to building culture;

  • in 2021, one of six awards from «Gute Bauten Graubünden» as a showcase for good building quality and a responsible attitude;

  • and in 2022 Ruinelli Associati Architetti and Studio Cascina were honoured as winners by «Fare Paesaggio» in the section «Signs in the Landscape», an award that recognises architecture across the Alpine region in connection with the enhancement of the Alpine landscape. In particular, the jury highlighted that Studio Cascina's building demonstrates that there is «a way to reconcile settlement tradition, innovation and landscape sensitivity».

    Award Fare Paesaggio